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Lucky and the pool party fails prt 4

The door opens.

"Hello sweet pea."Jim greeted Lucky with a quick kiss on the forehead. "Hey dad , did you find Polly a perfect nursery for her to fit in? "Lucky panted, gasping for air after the things she went through. "We sure did, and it's not so far away from here, Polly loved it there!" Answered Kate. Polly giggles. 

Lucky walks upstairs to her bedroom. Suddenly, Kate, Jim and even Polly notice that there is a wet swimming trunk on the floor. 

One thing for sure , the PALs are in big trouble , once again. . . 


P.S:What shall I do next? Comments down below. 

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 27 April 2019

Lucky and the pool party fails prt 3

"I love love love this party like crazy!"Mary Pat and Bianca screamed , sliding down the slide. " I think you guys should get of that slide before you end up having a nasty vomit. " Said Turo. "I totally agree with Turo, because we're not going to be responsible if some disgusting or stupid accident ends up happening!" Says Maricela. "Says who miss sassy pants!" Snips says, rolling his eyes at the lot.

Meanwhile, Lucky gets a text message from Jim and Kate:Hi sweet pea, be back home in 5 mins.It said.

OH NO! ! ! 

"Everyone, out of the pool, Kate and Dad are going to be home in 5 minutes!"Lucky shouts across the pool. Spirit, Chica linda and Boomerang helped everybody find a place to hide. . . 

To be continued. . . 

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 27 April 2019

Lucky and the pool party fails prt 2


What was that?The PALs were soon to find out. And let's just say they were pretty surprised about who was,or who were there... 


"What is everybody doing here?"Abigail whispered. "Hey, I thought you and Pru texted everybody saying that there was a pool party on at Lucky's?"Snips said barging into the house uninvited with Señor Carrots, and so did everyone else. "Are you saying you and Pru invited EVERY single kid AND teen in Miradero to come to a never made pool party?!"Lucky sighed.  "Maybe?"Abigail chuckled shyly.

What are the PALs gonna do now? 

"Well, I guess we can't unring a doorbell can we?"Lucky says." Maybe we should allow this 'pool party' to happen. "

But there's 1 problem they have …

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 27 April 2019

Lucky and the pool party fail

"No,no, NO!!!"Aunt Cora shouted super annoyed."For the last time Lucky, no adults are going to be home and what if something goes wrong?!"

Lucky had got a new pool recently in their back yard and was nagging her all day just to go in.Her dad and Kate went to find Polly a nursery and Aunt Cora had to go to the inn to help Althea paint and decorate the rooms. 

"But Aunt Cora. . . !"Lucky wined."But you promised us!"The PALs had also joint the dramatic scene.

The door slams. 

"Just great, could this day get any worse?!"Pru groaned, rolling her eyes. 

Yes, yes it can. 

Sorry , to be continued. Plz stay tuned for part 2 of this episode. . . 

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