Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 17 June 2019

Lucky and the snowy sensation Prt1

"YAWN." Yawned Lucky,getting out of her cosy bed and checking her cocunut-coloured hair.It was November and getting close to a frosty winter,and Lucky was really excited!

She looked out of her bedroom window. And she was in for a surprise.

"OMG!!!!!"She gasped histerically."It's only the 1st of November and it's already snowing and as cold as mid-winter."

She rushed downstairs with her pj's on and checked her kitchen window again.The window was covered in the iciest type of frost,giving Lucky the 'cold eye'.She shivered, noticing how cold it was.She was so distracted with the beauty of the outside Miradero,she didn't notice that she was shivering herself.She also wondered where her parents and Aunt Cora were,and Polly too.Her thoughts were su…

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 13 June 2019

Songs in Spirit Riding Free

I really liked the idea of April Syrup putting songs that she thinks should be in the series, so I'm gonna put the songs that I think should be in the series as well. . . 

A whole new world - Aladdin (Lucky and Javier sing this)

These palace walls -Aladdin the musical  (Solana ,Lucky, Pru and Abigail sing this)

Horses -Tegan Marie (Lucky sings this)

DNA -Little Mix (The PALMs sing this)

Me - Taylor Swift and Panic at the disco(Abigail and Julian sing this)

Kill this love -BLACKPINK (Lucky, Solana,Pru and Abigail sing this)

Toxic -Britney Spears(Maricela sings this)

Speechless -Naomi Scott(Lucky sings this)

Ready as I'll ever be -Tangled the series(Lucky, Elizah,Rose,Javier,Kate,Jim and Polly will all be in this song)

I'll try to think of more ideas …

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 13 June 2019


April Syrup 


A Fandom User 



Plz just let me know in the comments down below if I mispelt anybody 's name! 

Thx 4 listening! 😊😊😊

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 20 May 2019

Lucky and the birthday drama Prt 6

Hatcheta galloped as fast as she could. Literally blowing the grass beneath her. We're they going to make it on time? ? ? . . .

                                                     * * * 

"Lucky , you have eaten 15 slices of cake already!" Complained Abigail. " Why not just save the rest for leftovers before you get a nasty stomach ache." 

"Yeah!" Said Pru. " You should have learnt your lesson from your date with Javier a few weeks ago. 

"Sorry! " She said in a muffled voice. " I've just got to. . . "

"Holá Fortuna!"Said Javier. 

" Javier!"Said Lucky . " Where were you?!You scared the freaking life out of me!"

"This is where I was!" He said, pulling something out of his pocket. 

"WOW! " Gasped Lucky. 

Javier gave Lucky the golden syrup roses he fou…

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 20 May 2019

Lucky and the birthday drama Prt 5

Now it has been 2 hours and Lucky's panic mode was really starting to attack. 

"Lucky , you should be hungry by now." Said Abigail. " They're already handing out cake and you've not even had a bite or sip of anything today." 

"Please you guys, I'm ok, I'm not that hungry, just worried about Javier. " Said Lucky, even though she was literally starving. " Just because I'm not having anything, doesn't mean you can't either. 

Pru handed Lucky a slice of cake which made her stomach growl. 

"C'mon Lucky, eat something." Said Pru. 

" Ugh , fine! "Moaned Lucky." At least it will buy some more time for Javier to arrive! 

That's if he does arrive on time. 

                                                      * * * 


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