Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Javier rode across the frosty frontier, laughing like teenagers that they are. They rode across the sparkling snow that glimmered even more if they rode faster.Their tracks soon came to a stop when they came across a frozen-cold lake.

"WOW!Look at that frozen lake."Said Pru,rearing Chica Linda so she can get a closer look.The rest followed along whilst Lucky stayed far back,looking slightly worried because of her past excperience.

When the group realised that Lucky wasn't there, they stopped in there invisible tracks and turned around to see where Lucky was and found her on the opposite side of the lake and knew why she wouldn't cross it . After what they had seen or heard, they told her that she should find a way round.

5 billion years later (sarcasm) she finally made it round and regrouped.Almost falling off Spirit,Javier managed to catch Lucky before she hit the cold ground.They moved on,since Lucky was afraid of the ice,and went back to Miradero.

Meanwhile, Miradero was almost as frosty as the frontier itself.The windows were frosted,the shops had ran out of supplies and it began to snow.The mini group decided to take a break and dispart.Pru and Abigail left so it was just the 2 of them.

"Javier,I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the birthday gift you gave me."She said,smiling and blushing.

"Oh,it was nothing."Javier replied,gazing deep into Lucky's eyes.They both stared at each other,blushing at each other,and they were about to kiss until...


What was that

To be continued...

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