"I love love love this party like crazy!"Mary Pat and Bianca screamed , sliding down the slide. " I think you guys should get of that slide before you end up having a nasty vomit. " Said Turo. "I totally agree with Turo, because we're not going to be responsible if some disgusting or stupid accident ends up happening!" Says Maricela. "Says who miss sassy pants!" Snips says, rolling his eyes at the lot.

Meanwhile, Lucky gets a text message from Jim and Kate:Hi sweet pea, be back home in 5 mins.It said.

OH NO! ! ! 

"Everyone, out of the pool, Kate and Dad are going to be home in 5 minutes!"Lucky shouts across the pool. Spirit, Chica linda and Boomerang helped everybody find a place to hide. . . 

To be continued. . . 

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