"No,no, NO!!!"Aunt Cora shouted super annoyed."For the last time Lucky, no adults are going to be home and what if something goes wrong?!"

Lucky had got a new pool recently in their back yard and was nagging her all day just to go in.Her dad and Kate went to find Polly a nursery and Aunt Cora had to go to the inn to help Althea paint and decorate the rooms. 

"But Aunt Cora. . . !"Lucky wined."But you promised us!"The PALs had also joint the dramatic scene.

The door slams. 

"Just great, could this day get any worse?!"Pru groaned, rolling her eyes. 

Yes, yes it can. 

Sorry , to be continued. Plz stay tuned for part 2 of this episode. . . 

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