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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 31 August 2019

Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales. . .

Hi guys, it's me, Smilinguni22! 😊😊😊

And just like you saw the title, I'm gonna do a review on Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales! 

As you guys might have heard Pony Tales is a new, bite sized series of short mini videos featuring Lucky and all her friends.

I've gotta say that I am very disappointed with the new series, because I finished it in less than 15 minutes!

Ok that's literally all I wanted to say so good by for now!😂😂😂

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 24 August 2019

Apologies😟😟😟. . .

Hello you guys! It's me, Smilinguni22 😆😆😆!

But it's just that I wanna apologise 😳😳😳 

Its been a while since I've been on this wiki because I've been busy on Wattpad. . .

Wattpad is an amazing app where you can make your own profile and make any kind of story! You can do almost anything on there! You can read other people's stories, post comments, make as many stories as you want, and so much more! 

So I guess I kind of got lost in the wattpad app because I gotta admit.  .  .


If you want to find me on Wattpad, my name is 'Rainbows and me'. 

If you can't find me, I'll give you a hint! My profile picture has a cartoon girl I made on this app called 'live portrait maker'. The girl is a black( cuz I'm a black in real life, no ra…

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 8 July 2019

Hmmm . . . what to do next . . .

Hellooooooooooooooooooo u guys, just to let u guys know that I am once again, wondering what to do next with my blog since I haven't been on it for a long time. Well actually, there have been a few reasons why I haven't been writing on my blog because . . .

1.)I have been busy with school work.



I have been really upset about it lately and I have cried ever since I heard about his death.This was the main reason why I haven't been doing blogs lately, and i'm really sorry about this! He was one of my disney channel idols.RIP my freind, u will always be in our hearts!

Anyways, after the long break of my mourning about Caramon, I need more ideas of what to do again, like more fanfic about Lucky and Javier.Plz, tell me i…

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 17 June 2019

Lucky and the snowy sensation Prt 3

Lucky and Javier rushed outside to see Abigail lying unconsious on the floor.Pru was trying to pick her up.

"What happened?"Lucky and Javier jinxed.

"Its Abigial,she crashed onto the floor,so we better get her home!"Said Pru,whilst Lucky and Javier picked her up.

                                                                                   * * *

Lucky was asleep in her bed,delicately sleeping as always.Javier ,snuck into her room,looking at Lucky from head to toe. He had to do what he had to do which was to kiss her and drag her out of bed since he was her boyfriend.

To be continued...

P.S need ideas 

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Smilinguni22 Smilinguni22 17 June 2019

Lucky and the snowy sensation Prt 2

Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Javier rode across the frosty frontier, laughing like teenagers that they are. They rode across the sparkling snow that glimmered even more if they rode faster.Their tracks soon came to a stop when they came across a frozen-cold lake.

"WOW!Look at that frozen lake."Said Pru,rearing Chica Linda so she can get a closer look.The rest followed along whilst Lucky stayed far back,looking slightly worried because of her past excperience.

When the group realised that Lucky wasn't there, they stopped in there invisible tracks and turned around to see where Lucky was and found her on the opposite side of the lake and knew why she wouldn't cross it . After what they had seen or heard, they told her that she should find a way rou…

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