Lucky said "Javier can you come to the barn?" For Javier said "I would love to Mi Amor" for Lucky would feel special when he would call her that. At the barn that night it was a Christmas party and Pru had hung mistletoe when she found out Javier was coming. Lucky told Pru to take the mistletoe down. When Javier arived he saw the mistletoe and thought "Oh Nó" and Lucky said "Javier I need to talk to you outside" and Javier said "Esta Bien Mi Am-" Lucky then said "Not the time Javier!" Then they went outside to talk. She told him to avoid the mistletoe. Javier said "Mi Amor, I have something to ask you." Lucky replied "You do?" He replied "Yes I do! Fortuna Prescott I Love You! Will you marry me?" She replied "Yes!" And they kissed. But little do they know Pru and Abigail were listening to there conversation and they saw them kiss. And they took a picture to show to Lucky's Dad. But Maricela came to the barn 2 hours later, and Lucky and Javier were under the mistletoe! They don't know how they got under there! But Snips had a fishing pole and the mistletoe at the end of it.

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