"Mi Amor" Javier called Lucky at the ball for Lucky blushed with embarrassment. And said "I love you Javier" and he felt a little awkward that Lucky said that but he also felt, happy. Then they kissed and Snips threw a snowball at them and yelled "Eewwwwwwwww" at there kiss. Then Snips threw another snowball at them and it hit Lucky's cheek and Javier laughed a little at her snowy cheek. Lucky had a little of a mad face until Snips threw another one at them and it hit Javier in the face. Lucky giggled a little and Snips came up to Lucky and Javier and said "I'm sorry I just wanted to have fun" she replied "Its OK Snips. And I think Javier is enjoying the snow on his face." They turned and looked at Javier. And they high-fived. He looked sarcastically upset. Then he chased Lucky and Snips to the barn. They were having so much fun till Lucky stopped and looked at Javier. Javier stopped chasing them and snuck a kiss on Lucky. And Snips said "What are you doing with Lucky? I thought you were chasing us!" Then they kissed and Snips said "Eewwwwwwwww you guys are gross!" They replied "Hey you might get a girlfriend one day! And you and her will kiss!" Javier told Snips he could go riding with him if he stops being mean about them. Snips agreed with Javier. Then Javier said "Mi Amor, maybe we should go in side for a little bit." Snips herd "What does mi amor mean?" Lucky replied "You don't need to know what Mi Amor means." Snips asked Javier what it means he not did not tell him what it means either. Snips repeatedly asked them till they couldn't take it no more. Javier said to Snips "Fine! Mi Amor means my love." Snips thought it was gross that Javier called Lucky mi amor.

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