"Hola Fortuna" Javier said. "Hi Javier um we need to talk in the barn" Lucky said worriedly. "Fortuna I have something to ask you" Javier said "No Javier we need to actually talk in private so you will listen Mi Amor!" Lucky yelled. "Fortuna did you just call me Mi Amor!?" Javier said excitedly. "Um...No I didn't you just herd me wrong..." Lucky said nervously lying to her husband. "No Fortuna I herd you correctomundo you called me Mi Amor!" Javier said happily. "Fine! I did so you don't call me that so I guess I got mad." Lucky told Javier. "I-II am sorry Mi Alma" Javier told Lucky. He was staring into her eyes. He kissed her cheek. "I guess we're good now but I still have a big question..." Lucky said. "What is it Mi Corazòn" Javier said with a smile. "I was wondering if you, wanted to be a father?" Lucky asked. "Wait... are you saying?!" Javier asked. "Yes you're going to be a Father." She told him. He hugged and kissed her. "When though?" He asked. "5 months." She told him. "5 months! Why did you not tell me sooner Mi Corazòn?" He asked. "I don't know... I guess i wasn't ready to be a Mom, yet." She said.

Sorry 'bout the cliffhanger! More soon! April Syrup

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