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Turo is a teenage blacksmith, saddle maker, and stable hand. He is strong, simple, sincere, dependable, and good-hearted.

Turo has lived his whole life in Miradero. He has been in all of Pru's classes in the schoolhouse since she was in kindergarten,[1] and by the time of the bake-off in Lucky's first year back in Miradero, Turo and Maricela had gone to school together for the past five years, although Maricela paid so little mind to him that she didn’t even know who he was.[2]

Turo made Chica Linda's saddle when Pru was only eight years old, and Pru has had it ever since.[3]

Turo was absent from school on Lucky's first day.[4]

For the schoolhouse bazaar, Turo built a dunk tank to put Snips in.[5]

Turo acquired Junipero from Grayson in a trade for some tack that Turo was already contracted to make for Grayson.[3] Later, Turo refused future service to Grayson.[6]

Turo also has a fear of spiders.[7]

Turo is voiced by Andy Pessoa.

After Lucky and the PALs returned from the circus, Turo revealed that while they were gone Maricela has gotten a bike, and had befriended him. The two became especially close throughout the rest of the season. When Maricela went to boarding school with the PALs, she kissed Turo and told him she would see him at Christmas, thus starting a romantic relationship with him.