Taylor's Trail is a dangerous mountain trail near Miradero, across a forested area from town. In addition to being very steep, the trail had three tough downhill jumps. It was considered but ultimately decided against as part of the route for the Saddle Club ride the year before Lucky returned to Miradero, the trail being too hard for some of the youth riders. On their first abortive attempt to traverse Taylor's Trail, Lucky and Spirit caused a large dead tree trunk to fall from the trail, presumably destroying one of the three difficult jumps. Trying to get down from Spirit and walk the remainder of the trail, Lucky slipped and nearly fell off the trail, but Spirit caught her, spraining his right front foot in the act.[1]

Mr. Granger included Taylor's Trail in his design of the route for the Tarrell Overland Horse Race around Miradero. Lucky finally conquered the trail during the race.[2]


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