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Spirit Riding Free is an animated television series based on the hit movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The series is produced by Dreamworks Animated Television and new episodes have premiered exclusively on Netflix, and are broadcast on some television channels, while webisodes and music videos have been released on YouTube. Some books have also been published. This wiki is dedicated to the series.

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"A Hundred Mustangs on the Open Range""Adventure Music Video""Fast Friends"
"Friends Forever""Lucky and Her New Family"
"Lucky and Her Super Amazing and Fun Cousin Julian""Lucky and La Voltereta Feroz"
"Lucky and the Appaloosa Adventure""Lucky and the Arabian Nightmares""Lucky and the Big Goodbye"
"Lucky and the Christmas Spirit""Lucky and the Competition Conundrum""Lucky and the Cousin Caper"
"Lucky and the Cowboy Next Door""Lucky and the Deadly Blizzard""Lucky and the Doomed Delivery"
"Lucky and the Double-Dad Dare""Lucky and the Doubtful Drought""Lucky and the Dressage Sabotage"
"Lucky and the Endless Possibilities""Lucky and the Escape Artist""Lucky and the Fearless Fillies"
"Lucky and the Field Trip Fraud""Lucky and the Flight of the Fancy""Lucky and the Ghostly Gotcha!"
"Lucky and the Girl Who Cried Wolf""Lucky and the Golden Opportunity""Lucky and the Harvest Hunt"
"Lucky and the Impatient Patient""Lucky and the Jam Jam""Lucky and the Lion"
"Lucky and the Long Way Home""Lucky and the Mysterious Map""Lucky and the New Frontier"
"Lucky and the New Governor""Lucky and the No-Good Outlaw Butch LePray""Lucky and the Not-So-Secret Surprise"
"Lucky and the Patchwork Plan""Lucky and the Pie P.I.""Lucky and the Price of Freedom"
"Lucky and the Railroad Ransom""Lucky and the Ray of Sunshine""Lucky and the Resolutionary Fever"
"Lucky and the Risky Rescue""Lucky and the Role Reversal""Lucky and the Rough Ride"
"Lucky and the Shaky Day""Lucky and the Thin Ice""Lucky and the Train Tycoon"
"Lucky and the Treacherous Trail""Lucky and the Two-Wheeled Terror""Lucky and the Unbreakable Spirit"
"Lucky and the Warm Welcome""Lucky and the Wayward Wedding""Magic Show"
"Mustang Mail""My Lady Left Me and Now I'm Blue""O Frontier, Thou Art My Father"
"Rainy Day""Riding Free""Smile"
"Sweet Little Bird in the Dogwood Tree""The Circus Mystery""The Grooming Wagon"
"Young & Free"Abigail
AntonioArrowroot Mountains
Aunt CoraAuntie PegBadlands
BartlebyBazaarBebe Sterlington
Bi-Annual Equine AuctionBiancaBoomerang
Boxcar BonnieButch LePrayButch LePray's accomplices
BuyerCalliope BayCalvin
Cannon CityCemeteryChica Linda
Chicken Neck CanyonChurchClancy
Collection 1Communal soupConstance Comportment
Copperhead RiverCousin Julian
CrowDaisy McWaneDany
Dead Man's CurveDevil's CanyonDoc Wilkins
Doll SnipsDon TrujilloDrought
El Circo Dos GrillosElizaEmma
Filbert CanyonFishing holeFito
Floating OaksForeman SamFountain
FrankFrontier FilliesFrontier flu
General storeGoose GulchGovernor
Governor's BallGranger ranch houseGrayson
Grayson ranchGreynold GeyserGutierrez house
HachetaHangman's Hollow
Harvest HuntHeadmaster Madame GummeryHester
InnJP & Sons RailroadJames Prescott Sr.
JavierJim Prescott
La Petite Boulangerie
Lasso FlatsList of resolutionsLocket necklace
LuckyLucky's city friendsLuna
Mary PatMayor Gutierrez
McDonnell ranchMilagro's bootsMilagro's notebook
Milagro NavarroMiradero
Miss FloresMixtliMixtli's Hole
Mount DisappointmentMountain lionMr. Granger
Mr. Granger's mesteñerosMr. RopeyMr. Winthrop
Mrs. GrangerMrs. GutierrezMrs. Hungerford
Ms. McDonnellMuffy St. DonaldMustang drive
Ol' JackOld ResperoOld Respero's hideout
PabloPaintbrush CanyonPete
Pine ForksPitchfork Canyon
PollyPrescott familyPrescott house
Princess CoilsPruPru's birthday
Punta LibrePunta Rivera
Rancho ConejoRattlesnake RidgeRed rubber ball
RibbertoRing of FireRivas River
RobbersRoller coasterRooster
RoseRustyRuthie Wadsworth
Saddle ClubSaddle Club rideSadie Crouthers
Sawtooth CitySchoolhouseScoundrels
Season 1Season 2Season 3
Season 4Season 5Season 6
Season 7Season 8
Señor CarrotsSheriffSilver Creek
SilverlodeSister Ignacia BonifaceSister Nazaria
Skull RockSmokeSnips
Snips Jr.Solana
Spirit's herdSpirit (Stallion of the Cimarron)Spirit Riding Free
Spirit Riding Free: Abigail's DiarySpirit Riding Free: Lucky's DiarySpirit Riding Free: Lucky and the Mustangs of Miradero
Spirit Riding Free: Pony TalesSpirit Riding Free: Pru's DiarySpirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins
Spirit Riding Free New Year's Eve CountdownSpirit Riding Free WikiSpring Falls
Stone houseStudent of the MonthTambourine
Tarrell CircuitTarrell Circuit trophyTaylor's Trail
The Whispering VaqueroTimelineTown hall
Town squareTuckapawTuckapaw reservation
TuroVolume 1Volume 2
WeddingWolf RidgeWolves

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