"Snips" Stone is the younger brother of Abigail, six years her junior. Snips considers his donkey, Señor Carrots, to be his best friend; the donkey is generally indifferent to his owner. Snips is rude, mischievous, lovable, and energetic. He does not appear reciprocate the romantic affections of his classmate Bianca.


"Snips" is likely a nickname. It was well known in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalker's nickname for Ahsoka Tahno for her "snippy" attitude. That may be why he is called that. If he has an actual given name different than this, it has not yet been logged.


Snips was born on the Saddle Club ride six years before Lucky returned to Miradero.[1]



Being illiterate, Snips signs his name with a crude drawing of Señor Carrots.[2]


Snips and Señor Carrots put on a fashion show for Pru's birthday, using Aunt Cora's hats without permission.[3]

Snips stole the third of the Stone pies Abigail baked for the church bake-off. Abigail conscripted him as her assistant to make a fourth and final pie. When it won first prize, Snips absconded with the blue ribbon Abigail won.[4]

Snips swallowed the drum major's whistle in Miradero's New Year's Eve parade in Lucky's first winter living back on the frontier.[5]

After seeing Miss Flores kiss Lucky's father, Snips accused Lucky of being the "teacher's pet." He joined the class on a fossil-hunting field trip, and, for once excited about learning, was fooled along with the rest of the class into thinking his paleological discoveries were real.[6]

When El Circo Dos Grillos came to Miradero, Snips nearly burned down the circus's wagons by accidentally setting a banner on fire.[7] Lucky and the circus's ringmaster Fito put out the flames.[8]

The PALs pranked Snips for Halloween, and he ended up promising to leave his sister alone.[9]



Behind the scenes

Snips is voiced by Duncan Joiner.


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