Silverlode is a frontier town between about 16 and 120 miles away from Miradero.[1]

Masked bandits who later hit Miradero robbed a bank in Silverlode.[2]

The McDonnell ranch is just outside Silverlode.[1]

Silverlode was the location of a rodeo that Javier performed in. Lucky wanted to attend the rodeo, and hoped to travel to Silverlode with her father, who needed to go there to attend to a broken railroad track switch, but Lucky's father ordered her to stay in Miradero.[3]

Pru and Abigail rode to Silverlode hoping to find Lucky and El Circo Dos Grillos, but only after they arrived did Abigail remember that the circus was actually traveling to Silver Creek, which was still a whole day's ride away from Silverlode.[4]

Silverlode has a Frontier Fillies herd.[5]


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