The Sheriff is the chief lawman for Miradero and the surrounding area. He is a slim, older man with a mustache.[1]

When Lucky thought Grayson was abusing a horse of his, she twice threatened to call the Sheriff on him, but both times, Grayson welcomed the summoning of the authorities, saying that the law could do nothing about how he treated the horse because it was his animal, and that getting the Sheriff involved would only save him the trouble of reporting a bunch of horse thieves (referring to the PALs and Turo).[2]

When the PALs captured the robbers who had been terrorizing frontier banks and had tried to steal Chica Linda, Jim Prescott ordered his sister to fetch the Sheriff to come arrest them.[3]

When Grayson wrangled Spirit near the barn, Jim Prescott and Mr. Granger talked to the Sheriff, but he was apparently unable to do anything to help Lucky recover the horse, Grayson's wrangling being within the bounds of the law.[4]

When the Tuckapaw youth Mixtli trespassed on Grayson's land and assaulted Grayson, giving him a black eye, the Sheriff detained Mixtli in the jail in Miradero and arranged for him to be transported by train back to the Tuckapaw reservation at Pine Forks. The Sheriff accompanied Grayson to transport Mixtli on the 1:10 train, but Lucky and the other PALs succeeded in helping Mixtli escape.[1]

When El Circus Dos Grillos arrived in Miradero, the Sheriff was one of the people seen in the crowd.[5]

When Lucky ran away to join the circus and tried to protect the circus from the frontier bandit Butch LePray while the circus stopped to give a show in the frontier town of Dos Caras, the ringmaster, Fito, told Lucky not to worry about Butch LePray because the Sheriff told him one morning that a wagon and horse were stolen from town the previous night, meaning that Butch LePray was likely far away from town by now. However, "Butch" revealed herself to be the meek, bespectacled bookkeeper Jane who had been posing as a victim of the bandit to travel with the circus, and when Lucky foiled her attempted theft of the circus's till and escaped her own kidnapping, the Sheriff apprehended Butch's accomplices and locked them up. Butch, however, eluded arrest.[6]

Lucky's Aunt Cora threatened to call the Sheriff on Lucky when Lucky prowled outside her aunt's room at the inn in an attempt to scare her aunt the night before Halloween.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sheriff is voiced by James Patrick Stuart, the same voice actor who portrayed Grayson, in "Lucky and the Risky Rescue".


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