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The one-room schoolhouse in Miradero is where Lucky and her classmates attend school. Miss Kate Flores is the teacher at the time of Lucky's return to Miradero, although she has not been the teacher there for many years.[1]

The schoolhouse is near the southern outskirts of town, just south of Mr. Granger's barn and its round fenced-in horse pens. Hung on the outside near the front door, the schoolhouse has a bell that is rung to announce the start of the school day.

The schoolhouse actually has two rooms: a single classroom and, at the front entrance, a cloakroom with a hanging light fixture.

The schoolhouse is well-appointed with eleven student desks and chairs, a large table with chairs at the back of the classroom, a teacher's desk and chair, five bookshelves, a movable blackboard, a piano, a clock, a wood-burning cooking stove, two identical zoological classification posters, a frame of pinned butterflies, a world map, a globe, a lectern, a Student of the Month plaque, and various other wall art.[1]

The school day starts at 8:00 a.m.[1][2] and ends at 2:00 p.m.[3]


Non-school uses

The schoolhouse's rafters served as the hiding place for the stuffed crows in Turo's midnight Harvest Hunt.[4]

Town meetings are sometimes held in the schoolhouse, including one to announce an incoming blizzard and the possible outbreak of frontier flu. However, the school bell is not rung to announce such meetings; instead, the church bell is rung, because it is larger and carries for miles.[5]