The ramada is a square fenced-in horse yard located between Mr. Granger's barn and the town hall in Miradero. A small open-walled shelter (the ramada itself) is at the back end. Maricela's house is directly across the street from, and its balcony overlooks, the ramada. The Prescott house, which is behind the town hall, is also very near the ramada. The ramada is used as the town's all-purpose horse pen, training grounds, and performance yard.

Mr. Granger's mesteñeros brought Spirit to the ramada to try to break him after roping him near the JP & Sons Railroad track leading into Miradero.[1] Pru and Abigail attempted to teach Lucky how to safely mount and jump in the ramada.[2]

During the fiesta, the charreada was held in the ramada, and Lucky met Javier when he was performing there. Lucky practiced horse stunts with Javier and Spirit there.[3]


When El Circo Dos Grillos came to Miradero, the circus was erected in the ramada, during a time when the fence and ramada had apparently been removed.[4]

When Lucky's father gave Lucky's teacher, Miss Flores, a horse named Tambourine as an engagement present, Lucky was concerned that this meant that Lucky would now be seeing Miss Flores at school, at home, and at the ramada.[5]


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