Rain as shown in flashback

Rain is the deuteragonist of the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. She was previously owned by a Lakota Native American man named Little Creek and later became the mate of the protagonist, Spirit and the mother of a wild mustang also named Spirit in the show Spirit: Riding free.


Rain is a beautiful flaxen chestnut mare of the American Paint horse breed. She has crystal blue eyes, a well rounded white and brown patched body, cream (flaxen) colored mane and tail and brown hooves. She also had an eagle feather in her mane which was later removed by Little Creek after he freed her. Her son mostly looks like her mate, but he got his white blaze from her


She was a bit of a ladylike mare at first who was very attached to Little Creek. She is a brave mare, too, as shown when she defended Little Creek from Spirit. Despite her playful sense of humor, she knows how to act seriously and with maturity if the situation calls for it like when Little Creek tied her to Spirit to make her teach him a few manners. She is very loyal, kind and dedicated to whom she loves sometimes even, as Spirit once said, "In a stubborn, irritating kind of way" At first, she seemed to annoy Spirit quite a bit, but she is not a selfish mare and will do anything for her loved ones.

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