Pablo is a lanky cowboy and ranch hand for Mr. Granger. Along with Rusty, he worked the mustang drive from Miradero to Rancho Conejo the year that the PALs went on the drive,[1] and also looked after the ramada when Mr. Granger was out of town on business (though Rusty duly gave credit to Pru for looking after the Arabian mares Mr. Granger had bought for resale to a buyer).[2]

On the mustang drive, Pablo and Rusty were initially annoyed by Abigail's talkativeness and her saccharine make-believe stories about the horses on the drive. The cowboys decided to indulge Abigail so as not to make her feel bad.[1]

Pablo's first language is Spanish.[1]


Pablo enjoys playing the banjo at night while out on the range.[1]

Behind the scenes

Pablo is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


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