Mr. Winthrop is the proprietor of the general store and ice cream shop in Miradero.

Winthrop ran a jelly bean guessing booth at the town fiesta, offering guesses as to the number of jelly beans in a jar for a nickel a guess. He waited the entire day for Abigail's guess, which was wrong, but made her the winner of the jelly beans as the only guesser for the day. While waiting for her guess, he missed his infant son's first words ("Where's Daddy?").[1]

Winthrop entered the church bake-off, but was bested by Abigail and her Stone Pie.[2]

The year before Lucky relocated to Miradero, Winthrop injured his back when he tripped on jelly beans. When he threw his back out again putting up a sign advertising ice cream, Winthrop permitted Lucky, who was still 12 years old at the time, to run the store for a week until he could recover. At the end of her term, Lucky gave Winthrop a hug, fixing his back.[3]

Winthrop did not employ Lucky the following summer.[4]

Winthrop has a mother who lives outside of Miradero and who wears dentures. Winthrop was sent news that she received new teeth by telegram in Lucky's third spring living back in Miradero.[5]

Behind the scenes

Winthrop is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


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