Mixtli is a 16-year-old Native American boy who helped Spirit when Grayson took him from Lucky. In Mixtli's tribe, the Tuckapaw, he is considered an adult. Mixtli is the owner of Crow. He is kind, intelligent and adventurous.

Mixtli met Lucky, Pru, and Abigail[1] after first encountering Spirit on the frontier and tending to Spirit's wounds.[2] Mixtli showed them a secret waterhole they could play in.[1] Mixtli was detained by the Sheriff for trespassing on Grayson's land and for his assault of Grayson. Grayson and the Sheriff decided to take Mixtli back to his tribe and separated him from Crow. They explained to Mixtli that in the eyes of the law he was an unaccompanied minor. Jim, Aunt Cora, and Mr. Granger agreed with them. They told the girls that when Mixtli turned 18 he would be an adult and could come back to Miradero. The girls and their horses managed to rescue Mixtli and reunite him with Crow.[1]

Behind the scenes

Mixtli is voiced by Bridger Zadina.


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