Mayor Gutierrez is Maricela's adoring father and the mayor of Miradero.[1] He works in the town hall and lives in a brick house across the street. He is short in stature and wears a gray waistcoat and a black bowler hat.[2] He is perceived as more concerned with glad-handing than with taking efforts needed for substantive improvement of town infrastructure and fostering growth.[2]

In Lucky's first winter back in Miradero, Mayor Gutierrez came down with the frontier flu, prompting his daughter to appoint herself "acting mayor".[3]

Mayor Gutierrez gave a nervous speech to the assembled townspeople of Miradero in front of the town hall in an attempt to allay their fears during the drought. He later proposed to grant Grayson the key to the town and to name a day in Grayson's honor in thanks to Grayson for supplying the town with water—likely as a way of avoiding his own $30 debt to Grayson—before Lucky and the PALs undammed the river and revealed the truth behind Grayson's scheme.[4]

The Mayor commissioned Javier to lead the town's New Year's Eve parade in a charro dance in Lucky's second winter back in Miradero. Hoping to receive acclaim for being "a visionary", the Mayor demanded that Javier's performance dazzle the citizens. However, thanks to Lucky's lack of adequate rehearsal, the practice run before the Mayor ended in disaster, with the destruction of all the pies baked for the New Year's party.[5]


The Mayor's surname was not given in the show until the credits of "Lucky and the Doubtful Drought". Prior to that, it was given in several books.[6][2]

Behind the scenes

Mayor Gutierrez is voiced by Christian Lanz.


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