This locket necklace originally belonged to Kate Flores's mother. Somehow, it wound up in the orphanage where Kate was raised by nuns. In "Lucky and the Doomed Delivery", on a failed mission to deliver a wedding invitation to said nuns, Lucky obtained an envelope that she presumed was her future stepmother's initials. Later, Lucky gave the envelope to Kate, and inside the envelope was the necklace, which Kate realized belonged to her mother. In "Lucky and the Cousin Caper", Kate gave the necklace to Lucky, who was surprised because this necklace was all Kate had left of her mother, but Kate wanted her future stepdaughter to have it because they were going to be a family. Lucky feared losing the necklace while out riding, so she chose to only wear it on special occasions. But later, when Julian, Calvin, and Pete were looking for something to take from Lucky's room, they took the necklace much to Lucky's horror. At the end of the episode, the necklace is returned to Lucky.

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