Junipero is Turo's Appaloosa. Turo rescued the horse from former owner Grayson, trading for some tack that Turo was already contracted to make the horse wrangler.[1] Like the juniper-wood pommels in the saddles Turo makes and for which the horse is named, Junipero is strong and able to take on anything that comes his way. He is a caring horse and sympathetic to others, including Lucky, when Spirit was taken from her.

Before becoming Turo's horse and getting his name, Junipero belonged to Grayson. Instead of taking care of him, Grayson left Junipero tied up outside without food or water. Lucky, Turo, Pru, Abigail and their horses rescued the horse, and Turo subsequently became his owner.


Abigail made an embroidered horse blanket with Junipero's name on it to give to Turo for Christmas.[2]



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