The Gutierrez house in Miradero is the home of Maricela, her father, Mayor Gutierrez, and her mother, Mrs. Gutierrez. It is a two-story brick home with a large balcony with a white railing over a veranda framing the main entrance. The house has a brown-shingled mansard roof topped with a wrought-iron railing that runs the perimeter of the roof. A stately brick walk bordered by bushes leads to the veranda and front door. The house directly faces the ramada, and is behind the inn.

The house has at least two servants, a cook and a maid.

Lucky went over the Gutierrez house to plan her booth with her assigned partner Maricela for the bazaar.[1] Abigail also went over the house to consult Maricela for tips on propriety so that she could better impress Cousin Julian.[2]

Aside from eating and entertaining there, Maricela uses the balcony to practice her singing.[3][4] Inside, she has a piano that she plays.[5]


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