Governor is a young red horse with a white blaze, similar to Spirit's, and a yellow mane and tail. Governor was foaled into Spirit's herd on the date of the Governor's Ball in Miradero during Lucky's second spring living back on the frontier, prompting Abigail to give him his name after the PALs assisted with his birth.[1] When his mother was killed by a mountain lion on Punta Libre later that spring, the injured young horse was taken in by Mr. Granger and was cared for by the PALs in the Granger barn.[2] He kept Spirit company in the barn while Spirit recuperated from a later attack by the same mountain lion, and when Spirit started to feel better, he taught Governor various tricks.[3]


Governor soon developed a trouble-making personality,[4] and by the time of the drought later that autumn, Governor had become an escape artist, able to leave the confines of the barn at will by leaping out of his stall, climbing hay bales into Spirit's stall, and leaving by Spirit's freely hinging door.[5] When he followed the PALs onto Grayson's land where they were investigating Grayson's source of water after Miradero's river dried up from a landslide, which the PALs subsequently undammed, Governor got caught up in the river flow, and had to be rescued by Lucky and Spirit.[5]


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