Daisy McWane is girl who moved from the city out to the country during Lucky's third summer in Miradero with her father, Hank, and their horse, Ruby. Daisy has glasses.[1]

While they were traveling, there was a sled crash. Daisy's father was injured, so she tried to go find help. When Spirit spotted her trapped on a frozen lake, Lucky, not knowing that it was a lake, walked over too her, but was then trapped. Pru got a rope from Chica Linda's saddle, through it over to them, and then put it around Boomerang's saddle. Lucky offered Daisy a few words of encouragement , and Daisy eventually agreed to get off the ice. Abigail, weaving the rope around Boomerang's saddle, slowly pulled her off.

Back at the Prescott household, Daisy expressed gratitude to the PALs and their horses for saving her life and even let Lucky keep her doll.


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