The church is one of the tallest and most prominent buildings in Miradero. It is located on the cross-street, cater-cornered from the town hall, opposing and downhill from the Prescott house, and next door to the Stone house.

At both the front and the back, the church has a large round stained glass window with the image of a dove. No signage or iconography identifies the church as belonging to any particular denomination or even any particular religion, beyond the fact that the architecture, stained glass, and other elements are typical of Christian churches.[1]

The church sponsors an annual bake-off which Abigail's family has won for the last quarter-century with their famous Stone pie.[2]

The church steeple was the location of Ol' Jack's hidden boots in Turo's midnight Harvest Hunt.[3]

The church was appointed for the wedding of Jim Prescott and Miss Flores, but the wedding was delayed by the failure of bridesmaid Lucky to arrive with the rings.[4]

The church has a small room to the left of the main entrance door used for bridal preparation. However, this room does not appear to make sense in terms of layout, as from the inside of the room there is a window to the outside that, in view of its placement ought to actually look inside to the church's main room.[5]

Church bell


A single large bell in the church steeple carries for miles and is used to call the townspeople of Miradero to town meetings, including one held in the schoolhouse in which Mr. Granger warned of a coming blizzard and an outbreak of the frontier flu. When Lucky was lost outside of town in the blizzard, Maricela rang the church bell to guide Lucky and Spirit back to town.[6]


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