Boomerang is Abigail Stone's American paint horse. Boomerang is goofy and cheerful and loves to go on adventures with Abigail. He is also the male triagonist of Spirit Riding Free.

Boomerang once yearned to run with Spirit's wild herd of mustangs, so he broke out of the round horse pen nearest the schoolhouse and fulfilled his dream.[1]

Abigail trained Boomerang to dance.[2]

When robbers tried to steal Chica Linda from the barn, Boomerang broke out of his stall, summoned Spirit from his herd, and rescued Chica Linda from the robbers.[3]

He is very kind and is mentioned to be the strongest of the three main horses. Although it is never seen, he is presumably a great barrel racer since his breed is good at that.

After going to the circus, Boomerang joined a clown act, along with Pru. He is quite fond of food and has a huge appetite.

Although his typical personality is goofy and awkward, he has shown acts of bravery and intelligence, including enlisting Spirit's help in saving Chica Linda from the robbers. He is afraid of Clancy and tries to avoid him.


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