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    The PALs relate to three other characters that are part of a show released on Netflix on April 27, 2020. The show is called Never Have I Ever. Now lets sort things out.

    Lucky Prescott's personality relates to Devi Vishwakumar! Both are determined when it comes to their goals, and their courage and confidence are contagious. Both remained strong, even after Lucky losing her mother, and Devi losing her father. Finally, both felt connections with animals, which made them continue to feel the opposite of alone.

    Pru Granger's personality relates to Fabiola Torres. Both are very smart, considered the brains of the trio. However, both can feel easily discouraged when the center of attention, or when around their parents. But they usually stay positi…

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  • Ozzybab

    lucky x havier

    February 4, 2020 by Ozzybab

    it was a crisp autumn morning, the cool breeze sweeping over the dry grass of the frontier. the only noise that could be heard was two horses galloping through the rich evergreen forest and the two teenagers on top of them giggling. soon enough the giggling stopped and the two teenagers smiled at each other lovingly as their horses proceeded to race through the trees, tearing up the dry earth below them.

    lucky, one of the teenagers, returned her amber gaze to the area in front of her before noticing a cliff ahead with a marvelous view of the rising sun. she gently clutched her horse's mane and softly tugged, signalling for the horse to stop, and he did. her friend stopped beside her and gazed over at her, smiling. lucky couldn't help but sm…

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  • Tycio

    moved on

    October 7, 2019 by Tycio

    I think it is hilarious in Harvest Hunt when Javi gets dumped for Lucky's cousin Julian.

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  • Smilinguni22

    Hi guys, it's me, Smilinguni22! 😊😊😊

    And just like you saw the title, I'm gonna do a review on Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales! 

    As you guys might have heard Pony Tales is a new, bite sized series of short mini videos featuring Lucky and all her friends.

    I've gotta say that I am very disappointed with the new series, because I finished it in less than 15 minutes!

    Ok that's literally all I wanted to say so good by for now!😂😂😂

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  • Smilinguni22

    Hello you guys! It's me, Smilinguni22 😆😆😆!

    But it's just that I wanna apologise 😳😳😳 

    Its been a while since I've been on this wiki because I've been busy on Wattpad. . .

    Wattpad is an amazing app where you can make your own profile and make any kind of story! You can do almost anything on there! You can read other people's stories, post comments, make as many stories as you want, and so much more! 

    So I guess I kind of got lost in the wattpad app because I gotta admit.  .  .

    IT'S REALLY GOOD! 😍😍😍 

    If you want to find me on Wattpad, my name is 'Rainbows and me'. 

    If you can't find me, I'll give you a hint! My profile picture has a cartoon girl I made on this app called 'live portrait maker'. The girl is a black( cuz I'm a black in real life, no ra…

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  • April Syrup


    August 19, 2019 by April Syrup

    Sorry I haven't been active on this Wiki! I have kinda lost interest, but not completely! I have been on the Eurovision Song Contest Wiki instead cuz it is my favorite right now! You can check it out! Link in the bio! If you are in the US and if you have Netflix you can watch! Bye!

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  • April Syrup


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  • Smilinguni22

    Hellooooooooooooooooooo u guys, just to let u guys know that I am once again, wondering what to do next with my blog since I haven't been on it for a long time. Well actually, there have been a few reasons why I haven't been writing on my blog because . . .

    1.)I have been busy with school work.



    I have been really upset about it lately and I have cried ever since I heard about his death.This was the main reason why I haven't been doing blogs lately, and i'm really sorry about this! He was one of my disney channel idols.RIP my freind, u will always be in our hearts!

    Anyways, after the long break of my mourning about Caramon, I need more ideas of what to do again, like more fanfic about Lucky and Javier.Plz, tell me i…

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky and Javier rushed outside to see Abigail lying unconsious on the floor.Pru was trying to pick her up.

    "What happened?"Lucky and Javier jinxed.

    "Its Abigial,she crashed onto the floor,so we better get her home!"Said Pru,whilst Lucky and Javier picked her up.

                                                                                       * * *

    Lucky was asleep in her bed,delicately sleeping as always.Javier ,snuck into her room,looking at Lucky from head to toe. He had to do what he had to do which was to kiss her and drag her out of bed since he was her boyfriend.

    To be continued...

    P.S need ideas 

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Javier rode across the frosty frontier, laughing like teenagers that they are. They rode across the sparkling snow that glimmered even more if they rode faster.Their tracks soon came to a stop when they came across a frozen-cold lake.

    "WOW!Look at that frozen lake."Said Pru,rearing Chica Linda so she can get a closer look.The rest followed along whilst Lucky stayed far back,looking slightly worried because of her past excperience.

    When the group realised that Lucky wasn't there, they stopped in there invisible tracks and turned around to see where Lucky was and found her on the opposite side of the lake and knew why she wouldn't cross it . After what they had seen or heard, they told her that she should find a way rou…

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  • Smilinguni22

    "YAWN." Yawned Lucky,getting out of her cosy bed and checking her cocunut-coloured hair.It was November and getting close to a frosty winter,and Lucky was really excited!

    She looked out of her bedroom window. And she was in for a surprise.

    "OMG!!!!!"She gasped histerically."It's only the 1st of November and it's already snowing and as cold as mid-winter."

    She rushed downstairs with her pj's on and checked her kitchen window again.The window was covered in the iciest type of frost,giving Lucky the 'cold eye'.She shivered, noticing how cold it was.She was so distracted with the beauty of the outside Miradero,she didn't notice that she was shivering herself.She also wondered where her parents and Aunt Cora were,and Polly too.Her thoughts were su…

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  • Smilinguni22

    I really liked the idea of April Syrup putting songs that she thinks should be in the series, so I'm gonna put the songs that I think should be in the series as well. . . 

    A whole new world - Aladdin (Lucky and Javier sing this)

    These palace walls -Aladdin the musical  (Solana ,Lucky, Pru and Abigail sing this)

    Horses -Tegan Marie (Lucky sings this)

    DNA -Little Mix (The PALMs sing this)

    Me - Taylor Swift and Panic at the disco(Abigail and Julian sing this)

    Kill this love -BLACKPINK (Lucky, Solana,Pru and Abigail sing this)

    Toxic -Britney Spears(Maricela sings this)

    Speechless -Naomi Scott(Lucky sings this)

    Ready as I'll ever be -Tangled the series(Lucky, Elizah,Rose,Javier,Kate,Jim and Polly will all be in this song)

    I'll try to think of more ideas …

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  • Smilinguni22

    SHOUTOUTS TO . . .

    June 13, 2019 by Smilinguni22

    April Syrup 


    A Fandom User 



    Plz just let me know in the comments down below if I mispelt anybody 's name! 

    Thx 4 listening! 😊😊😊

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  • April Syrup

    We need music!

    June 7, 2019 by April Syrup

    Hey I have been noticing that they don't use music with words in it but I think they should! I have songs they should use in the following for the characters to sing:

    Ghost - Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (Lucky) {came in 26th place for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden}

    Miss You- Aidan Gallagher ft. Trinity Rose (Lucky and Javier)

    Amor Prohibido- Selena y los Dinos (Lucky)

    Wild One- Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (Spirit, but plays in the back)

    I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston (Lucky)

    Ghost- Halsey (just plays in the back)

    Nightmare (if they will alow swearing)- Halsey (plays in background)

    Emotions - Sergey Lazarev (Javier)

    I Will Give It All To You - Vlad Topalov ft. Mýa (Turo and Maricela)

    J'ai Cherché - Amir Haddad (just plays) {…

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    Hatcheta galloped as fast as she could. Literally blowing the grass beneath her. We're they going to make it on time? ? ? . . .

                                                         * * * 

    "Lucky , you have eaten 15 slices of cake already!" Complained Abigail. " Why not just save the rest for leftovers before you get a nasty stomach ache." 

    "Yeah!" Said Pru. " You should have learnt your lesson from your date with Javier a few weeks ago. 

    "Sorry! " She said in a muffled voice. " I've just got to. . . "

    "Holá Fortuna!"Said Javier. 

    " Javier!"Said Lucky . " Where were you?!You scared the freaking life out of me!"

    "This is where I was!" He said, pulling something out of his pocket. 

    "WOW! " Gasped Lucky. 

    Javier gave Lucky the golden syrup roses he fou…

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  • Smilinguni22

    Now it has been 2 hours and Lucky's panic mode was really starting to attack. 

    "Lucky , you should be hungry by now." Said Abigail. " They're already handing out cake and you've not even had a bite or sip of anything today." 

    "Please you guys, I'm ok, I'm not that hungry, just worried about Javier. " Said Lucky, even though she was literally starving. " Just because I'm not having anything, doesn't mean you can't either. 

    Pru handed Lucky a slice of cake which made her stomach growl. 

    "C'mon Lucky, eat something." Said Pru. 

    " Ugh , fine! "Moaned Lucky." At least it will buy some more time for Javier to arrive! 

    That's if he does arrive on time. 

                                                          * * * 


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  • Smilinguni22

    The party had been going on for a hour now but still no sign of Javier. Lucky was now starting to get really worried. 

    " Should I ride out to find Javier, or do a brief phone call, because I am getting really worried and frustrated now." Said Lucky , about to get up from her seat in the gazebo.

    "It's ok Lucky, Javier already knows how to take care of himself. " Said Pru, dragging her back down to her seat. 

    "Yeah, and besides, Miss Prescott is  bringing your birthday cake so you can cut it into pieces." Said Abigail, pointing out to Aunt Cora pushing the cake towards them. 

    "Um, ok then, I guess I can wait a little bit longer until my panic mode begins to take over." Said Lucky. 

                                                              * * * 


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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky was getting ready for her birthday party. She had chosen a cute and pink, mini dress, along with her mother's boot's of -course. She also had her hair tied up into a braid that went around her neck and onto her right shoulder. She had a pink bow on her head and her red nail varnish as always. However , she was still worried about her boyfriend. But she had no choice but to go to the party anyways. She went onto Spirit's back and galloped across the emerald grass that bloomed in the night time wind. She found the gazebo to meet nobody there. But. . . 


    Everybody surprised Lucky.

    " Happy 14th birthday Lucky!" Shouted Pru and Abigail. 

    "OMG, Thank you all for this birthday party!" Praised Lucky. 

    But still no sign of Javier. 


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  • Smilinguni22

    " Oh c'mon Javier, pick up the phone already." Said Lucky, hoping for him to pick up her phone call. 

    But there was no sign whatsoever. 

                                                               * * * 

    Javier was looking for a perfect gift for his girlfriend, Lucky. He already had loads of ideas that would make a great gift, but he wanted something romantic, something that would make her love him even more than ever. But he had no luck . He walked home to ask his own parents what would make the perfect gift for Lucky. 

    " Maybe if we asked Fortuna herself, she will know what to have." Said Santiago. Morena agreed. 

    "NNNNNOOOOO, YOU CAN'T! ! ! " Cringed Javier. " This is supposed to be a romantic surprise!

    "Maybe ask somebody else for a good idea…

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  • Smilinguni22

    An excited Lucky was jumping on her bed. Not only because it was her 14th birthday, but because Javier and his family were moving to Miradero. They had moved somewhere near Maricela's house, and it was good that he had moved to Miradero because Lucky was planning a birthday party on the frontier. There would be lights, cake, dancing , and Pru's dad had built a gazebo somewhere on the frontier which would make a perfect shelter, just in case. 

    Before Lucky even thought about getting stuff ready for her birthday, she went to check on her boyfriend. She rided out to his house to meet Mr and Mrs Bienvenidos packing stuff into their new home, but no Javier. 

    " Morning Mr and Mrs Bienvenidos." Greeted Lucky. 

    " Good mornin…

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky had just came home since it was the morning. All of a sudden, she gets an unexpected, but happy surprise. . . 

    "Morning Lucky. " Said Kate, holding a sleeping Polly in her arms. However , next to her was Mrs Bienvenidos,Javier's mom. And there were a few documents on the table. 

    "Hi Kate, Hi Mrs Bienvenidos.What is going on? " Questioned Lucky. 

    " Well Fortuna, I'm glad you asked because I know you will love this suprise." She said.

    "What's the suprise then?" She asked. 

    "Well, the Bienvenidos family , including your boyfriend, are moving to Miradero!" Said Kate. 

    "WHAT! ! ! " Shouted Lucky. 

    . . . 

    The end. . . 

    Also to be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    After the 'incedent' the PALs had, the girls went on a brief ride to get the tense nausea over with. However, on the way back, Spirit gave Lucky an idea. 

    Snips was with Señor Carrots, feeding him the rotten apples he found at the depot . Meanwhile, the PALs were spying on him. . . 

    "PALs , you know what to do! " Whisper, shouted Lucky.


    The girls attacked Snips with sweet smelling perfume!

    "EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! ! !" Screamed and cringed Snips , running of with Señor Carrots. 

    "Atta girlies!"Said Lucky, giving the PALs a high five. 

    The end!

    P.S:What to do next, comments or any else down below. 

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  • Smilinguni22

    " Girls, dinner is ready! " Shouted Abigail's mom from downstairs. "We're coming, just gotta put our cute slippers on!" Shouted Abigail. But this gave the perfect time for Snips to sabotage Mrs Stone's freshly prepared food.

    Mrs Stone had made cherry cupcakes , along with cookies and muffins. She also made icecream for dessert, and lemonade for a fizzy drink.

    The girls rushed downstairs like a teenage girl stampede.

    "Yes,food finally, my stomach was making noises whilst we were crafting butterflies." Cheered Lucky.Snips ran upstairs and hid. "Well you are definitely in for a good treat, welcome to my Sunday night ,sleepover feast spectacular! ! !"Thrilled Mrs Stone. 

    When Mrs Stone walked out of the dinning room to take a phone call for about …

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  • Smilinguni22

    🎵As long as I - I - I - I'm with you, everything gonna be alright, everything's gonna be just fine ---🎵 

    The PALs were singing one of their favourite songs together , called 'Freinds Forever'.They were having so much fun 'till they were sweating buckets.

    "I think I'm going to drink something to quench my thirst." Panted Pru. She heard a six-year-old's snicker, but thought it was just her imagination. She walked towards the door and opens the door until . . . 


    "Hey, did someone really just throw water on me?!What idiot does that?!"She said angrily. "At least it might have quenched your thirst!"Replied Lucky. 

    But that wasn't all that Snips was planning to do for revenge. 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky excitedly packed her stuff, she even packed a few marshmallows for a yummy treat. The PALs had a sleepover the day Pru was in charge of the ramada for a day.Lucky slid down the stairs to say bye to her family. Then went off to ride at Abigail's house. Abigail and Pru were waiting outside patiently.

    "Hi Lucky ,glad you got my text message. Same with you Pru and I'm so glad you both came! Now we have a sleepover to get to!" Abigail said . The PALs cheered and went inside.

    The PALs were on Abigail's bed doing fresh manicure when Snips came barging in without permission . 

    "Good evening ladies, watcha doing?" He asked nosely." Ugh, what do you want Snips, I told you we are having a sleepover." Said Abigail. " Well you didn't tell me no noth…

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  • Smilinguni22

    It was a lovely, golden brown sunset and Lucky was riding Spirit all across the blooming-like frontier. Of course hair and mane swaying, breeze brushing along the skin and fur,and obviously the best thing about the frontier, being free. The enjoyable moment was interupted by a familiar buzzing noise from Lucky's phone. 

    Lucky read the text message aloud to Spirit :

    'Hey there Lucky, me and Pru R bored, so we planned a sleepover at mines, U coming? ? ? 'From Abigail. 

    "Sounds like a square deal to me! " Lucky said to Spirit.

    She texted back saying:

    'Of course I'm coming 2 urs,count me in 4 sure😀' From Lucky.

    But there was an evil force out there, SNIPS! ! ! 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky was busy telling the whole family about what she did to Mrs Bobo. 

    " And she quit her job pronto, all because of us! But I gotta admit, I am pretty glad she quit being a teacher because if she still was until now. . . Yikes! ! !" Said Lucky, telling her family the rough story she went through. 

    Everybody was pretty much confused, even Polly, but Lucky didn't blame 'em, because even she admitted that she was really confused herself to .

    "Looks like we are going to end up having to find out a different way to get you a perfect education." Said Kate. Jim agreed. 

    "NNNNNOOOOO! ! ! " Screamed and cringed Lucky ! ! ! 

    The end. 

    P.S What to do next, comments down below. 

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  • Smilinguni22

    Mrs Bobo was busy eating lots of candy. This was the perfect chance for the PALs to do what they had to do. 

    WATER FIGHT! ! !

    The PALs ended up squirting water all over Mrs Bobo, soaking her with water!


    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    "FiRStlY,wE wIlL LeArn abOut IcEcReam."Said Mrs Bobo. "Yummy!" Said Abigail. But instead of eating or learning about icecream, they ended up being duncked inside icecream , and instead of making potions, Maricela and Snips were tested for the potions and ended up frozen, and instead of cleaning the classroom, they even ended up eating trash. Looks like Mrs Bobo wasn't the type of teacher Miradero were expecting! Finally , the PALs came up with an idea. 

    "PALs I have an idea!" Said Lucky. 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    "HeLlO ClaSs!" Said Mrs Bobo. " Hello. . . " Said the rest of the class. " TOdaY wE WilL bE iNtErodUcInG OuRselveS!" Said Mrs Bobo. "We wIlL sTarT wItH . . . tHe brOwnIe aT tHe BaCk!" She said, pointing at a crazily soda sucking Lucky. She had just finished her 8th cup of Coca - Cola. 

    "Um, me?" Asked Lucky. " YeS yoU!" Said Mrs Bobo. " Um, ok."She said in her head. "Hi, I'm Lucky Prescott, I'm 13, almost 14. My family own the railroad, I have a horse called Spirit, my BFFL's are Pru and Abigail and. . . 


    Everybody stares at Lucky with an awkward looks on their faces.

    "Oops!" Said Lucky. 

    What a first inpresion. 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    "I can't wait to see the new teacher, and she definitely has to like horses!" Abigail said, going on about the new teacher. " Don't you just worry Abigail , I am 100% positive that Mrs Bobo will be perfect for us." Said Pru, grinning. "Mrs Bobo? ? ? " Questioned Lucky, sipping her soda crazily. "I'm afraid so Lucky, a pretty awkward name huh." Said Pru. " Yeah, definitely!" Replied Lucky. 

    The PALs reached the school's white door and went inside to sit down in their seats. Then, a tall lady walked in . . 

    She had long, brown hair , similar to Lucky's hair, that went down her own shoulder. She wore a dark red short dress, along with matching high heel boots. She looked quite strict, but at the same time rather dumb. 

    " So this is Mrs Bobo?!"As…

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  • Smilinguni22

    It was a beautiful Friday morning. The sun was shining, the houses were peaceful and. . . 

    " Dad!Kate! Did you know that there is a new teacher?!" Shouted Lucky. " Really? " Said Jim. " Oh no, I forgot to mention that there is a new teacher coming to replace me, and she wants all the kids to be there by 10 o'clock. " Said Kate. 

    " Oh boy, it's 10 o'clock right now! I've better get going!" Said Lucky. 

    But the kids of Miradero were not in for a treat . . . 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    Meanwhile, Kate was feeding Polly when Lucky and Javier come in, flirting with each other uncontrollably." I will see you tomorrow, mi amor. " Said Javier , giving Lucky a kiss on the lips. " Adiòs, Javier. " Lucky said, kissing him back. She listens to the sound of Hatcheta's hoves departing. 

    "Oh, hi Kate!" Said Lucky. " Hello Lucky, I heard about your successful date today, so I made a special meal, just for you!" Grinned Kate. 

    I guess Lucky won't be looking forward for eating any food in a looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time.

    The end. 

    P.S: What to do next . Comment down below . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    The cute couple were riding around the fresh meadow, but the more they rid about, the more Lucky felt like throwing up. She started getting more and more pale by the minute. 

    " Fortuna, you are looking pale." Said Javier. "Really. . . eeerrr. . . must be the wind." Said Lucky. "Maybe we should take a break from riding because you look really sick." Said Javier looking worried. "Um ok." Said Lucky. 

    As soon as they got down from Spirit and Hatcheta, Lucky realised that she was going to. . . 


    She had vomited all over Javier. . . 

    "EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!"Cringed Javier. 

    " This girl truly IS locá,in a good way. " Said Javier, laughing. Then all of a sudden,a very confused Lucky joins in with the laughter!!!

    To be co…

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  • Smilinguni22

    "And when Butch Le Prey was about to push Grayson off the train, I was on the roof, I told him to duck and Kapow! ! ! I swung Butch into a pile of cobwebbed barrels! " Lucky said, telling Javier about her , Grayson, her friends and her family all defeating Butch Le Prey. " Incrediblé!" Said Javier clapping. 

    He picked a beautiful red rose up and placed it on the right side of Lucky's hair. Lucky grins as she stares into her boyfriend's brown eyes and as Javier stares back into hers. She was about to kiss him until a strange feeling struck her mind. Her stomach felt a bit nauseous, and she started to feel a little queasy. 

    " Is there something wrong Fortuna?"asked Javier." Oh, nothing, just a bit. . . um. . . a bit distracted by the grass." S…

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  • Smilinguni22

    Lucky climbed onto Spirit's back and galloped across the emerald grass that she would always recognise the multi-coloured flowers that would glimmer in the golden brown sunset . All of a sudden, she bumps into the looks of 2 familiar eyes. 

    "Javier, omg, I thought you were going to be at the café back in Miradero, I was going to have a brief ride with Spirit before I went but how did you know I was gonna be here? " Lucky said confused. "The exact same thing you said Fortuna."Said Javier, greeting Lucky with a quick kiss on the cheek.Well then, now that we're all here, I was thinking of having a date at the café, but I guess we can maybe have in the ramada , why not a little frontier style."Said Lucky. 

    Lucky, though was having a sick feeling…

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  • Smilinguni22

    "Pru, Abigail! What do you think I should wear, oh, and what lipstick colour?! Oh, should I do my nail polish a new colour or . . . 

    "Lucky, your first date will be perfect and there is absolutely nothing to worry about!" Said Pru. 

    Lucky was so nervous about her first date with Javier that she had been doing all sorts of things like changing her makeup and clothing to different colours, going to Maricela for the perfect advice, even eating all sorts of random stuff for some reason. 

    "Lucky, and just to let you know, maybe you shouldn't have eaten all of that food that Maricela gave you this morning , you could end up feeling way worse than you are already." Said Abigail, putting a strand of her hair in its correct place. 

    However, let's just …

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  • Smilinguni22

    Polly's 1st birthday party was an absolute blast despite the drama that went on earlier, there was cake, dancing , DJ, and even horses in the actual house! Maybe it would have been better if they didn't do that one next time but still! 

    Polly had even made friends with someone very unexpected, Governer the horse. She even ended up riding him about in the house. 


    Everybody was just leaving until Javier whispered to Lucky in her ear:" I love you mì amor. " And kissed Lucky. . . In front of her parents. 

    At first her parents were shocked to see that she had found herself a boyfriend that was famous , but then realised that he ment alot to her, so allowed them to be. 

    What a surprisingly surp…

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  • Smilinguni22

    The crowd outside the Prescott house were getting more and more grumpy by minute, if Pru and Abigail don't find a way to calm the crowd down, they will end up finding out about the heart of Miradero being broken . 

    And that was about to happen . 

    " What are those grey clouds in the sky?" Said a little boy, which made the crowd colapse into confusion and caution. " Oh no  we're in Big trouble for sure!" Stamered Abigail. 

    Meanwhile, Miradero might in for luck because Lucky might have found a solution soon enough. 

    "GUYS , I THINK I HAVE GOT A WAY! ! ! " She shouted which drew everybody's attention. Lucky combined the pieces together with her quick fingers until she finally finished with the pink heart. Everybody sighed with relief as the heart …

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  • Smilinguni22

    Pru and Abigail were distracting the Miraderians whilst the rest of the group were busy finding a way to fix the heart of Miradero. 

    "What do you mean that the Prescott 's 2nd daughter is still not ready and we have to go away. We have been waiting patiently for ages and my family are not losing front row seats! "Said a lady at the front of the crowd. " You have to leave because. . . um. . . It is really cold. " Shudered Pru. Chica Linda nodded. " That still doesn't contain any reason for us to leave. "A man in the middle of the crowd shouted. "C'mon,do it for us and Boomerang."Abigail pleaded and shacked Boomerang's head.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the group were busy finding ways to put the pieces of the heart of Miradero back together again. …

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  • Smilinguni22

    "What are we going to do, if the rest of the Miraderians find out that the heart of Miradero has been broken by 1 little baby girl, we're all going to be in Big .Trouble ! " Lucky panicked .Javier put his hand on Lucky's shoulder to calm her down. "Don't worry , me and Abigail will make sure that none of the Miraderians find out ."Said Pru. "Yeah, and Boomerang will help along with Chica Linda."Abigail added on. "Good luck, but we have to hurry up because there is a storm coming in soon and without the heart of Miradero,we will be ice blocks before you know it. "Said Aunt Cora. 

    Looks like this could get tough right. 

    To be continued . . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    When Lucky and Javier joined everybody else downstairs, the outside of the house was filling up with about the whole of Miradero. " Is everybody ready for Polly's 1st birthday party? "Asked Jim." YES!"The rest of the family and Javier jinxed." Good, so all we need is . . . " Jim was figuring out what they needed. " The baby ?! "Said Cora. 

    Pru , Abigail , and Polly join in the room . " She is a really strong baby. "Said Abigail. While everyone else was downstairs ,Polly had been biting, scratching , pinching and pulling Abigail. Kate takes the missalensious baby in her hands which for some reason makes Polly stare at Abigail. 

    Polly then starts: 

    Getting tears in her eyes 

    Wriggles about 

    Gets angry 

    Gets aggressive 

    And for the big finish. . . 


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  • Smilinguni22

    The Prescott family's front yard was filling with people from all sorts of sections of Miradero. The PALs were getting Polly ready for her first birthday party, Jim was on table whilst Aunt Cora was straightening him up, and Kate was busy doing her makeup. Meanwhile, Javier had joined the girls.

    " Hola amigos." He said. " Hi Javier, you like what we did with my little sis? "Lucky said, trying to impress her boyfriend. " fantasticà!" He smiled at the girls , which made Lucky blush uncontrollably. "Well, we will just leave you two lovebirds to be."Said Pru. Abigail picked Polly up and started to tickle her. They walked out of Lucky's bedroom so that it was just the 2 of them. 

    "Um . . . so, is it ok if we could tell my parents that we are dati…

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  • Smilinguni22

    "Morning Kate, morning dad." Greeted Lucky with a smile on her peach face. 

    Today was Polly's 1st birthday and everybody in Miradero was coming since the Prescott family birthdays were very special which made a difference to regular birthdays. 

    "Morning Lucky. " Grinned Jim and Kate. Kate tickled Polly which made Polly collapse with baby laughter . 

    However , Polly sometimes isn't the kind of baby girl you think she is.  . . 

    To be continued. . . 

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    Hey guys, today I'm talking about my thoughts on the next season, season 9! ! !

    So, you may have seen comments saying stuff like ' WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON GONNA ARIVE ' To be honest, I HAVE NO SINGLE CLUE WHATSOEVER ! ! ! 

    But. . . . Netflix 'are' planning on whever they have a season 9,or just call it off . We can only hope that the positive side of things that they will agree to make a season 9. 

    Also, you can search up season 9 on you tube for even more important information regarding spirit riding free. 

    By the way, on May 5th 2019, the 2nd anniversary of spirit riding free will take place on Sunday. 

    Have you got any ideas for season 9 of spirit riding free , let me know in the comments down below 

    BYE 😉😉😉

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    Hello everybody, just a real brief note of what I should write about next. I am letting u guys choose for me. If you have any ideas or anything else, let me know in the comments down below. 

    Thx for listening! 😉😉😉

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    The door opens.

    "Hello sweet pea."Jim greeted Lucky with a quick kiss on the forehead. "Hey dad , did you find Polly a perfect nursery for her to fit in? "Lucky panted, gasping for air after the things she went through. "We sure did, and it's not so far away from here, Polly loved it there!" Answered Kate. Polly giggles. 

    Lucky walks upstairs to her bedroom. Suddenly, Kate, Jim and even Polly notice that there is a wet swimming trunk on the floor. 

    One thing for sure , the PALs are in big trouble , once again. . . 

    THE END. 

    P.S:What shall I do next? Comments down below. 

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    "I love love love this party like crazy!"Mary Pat and Bianca screamed , sliding down the slide. " I think you guys should get of that slide before you end up having a nasty vomit. " Said Turo. "I totally agree with Turo, because we're not going to be responsible if some disgusting or stupid accident ends up happening!" Says Maricela. "Says who miss sassy pants!" Snips says, rolling his eyes at the lot.

    Meanwhile, Lucky gets a text message from Jim and Kate:Hi sweet pea, be back home in 5 mins.It said.

    OH NO! ! ! 

    "Everyone, out of the pool, Kate and Dad are going to be home in 5 minutes!"Lucky shouts across the pool. Spirit, Chica linda and Boomerang helped everybody find a place to hide. . . 

    To be continued. . . 

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  • Smilinguni22

    DING DONG! ! ! 

    What was that?The PALs were soon to find out. And let's just say they were pretty surprised about who was,or who were there... 


    "What is everybody doing here?"Abigail whispered. "Hey, I thought you and Pru texted everybody saying that there was a pool party on at Lucky's?"Snips said barging into the house uninvited with Señor Carrots, and so did everyone else. "Are you saying you and Pru invited EVERY single kid AND teen in Miradero to come to a never made pool party?!"Lucky sighed.  "Maybe?"Abigail chuckled shyly.

    What are the PALs gonna do now? 

    "Well, I guess we can't unring a doorbell can we?"Lucky says." Maybe we should allow this 'pool party' to happen. "

    But there's 1 problem they have …

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  • Smilinguni22

    "No,no, NO!!!"Aunt Cora shouted super annoyed."For the last time Lucky, no adults are going to be home and what if something goes wrong?!"

    Lucky had got a new pool recently in their back yard and was nagging her all day just to go in.Her dad and Kate went to find Polly a nursery and Aunt Cora had to go to the inn to help Althea paint and decorate the rooms. 

    "But Aunt Cora. . . !"Lucky wined."But you promised us!"The PALs had also joint the dramatic scene.

    The door slams. 

    "Just great, could this day get any worse?!"Pru groaned, rolling her eyes. 

    Yes, yes it can. 

    Sorry , to be continued. Plz stay tuned for part 2 of this episode. . . 

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