The bazaar was an event put on in Miradero by Miss Flores as a fundraiser for the schoolhouse. Students paired up in teams of two to brainstorm, conceive, plan, and produce stalls for the bazaar. As an incentive, Miss Flores declared that the creators of the booth to raise the most funds would be named Student of the Month. Miss Flores vetoed stall ideas for a kissing booth and a "punching booth", proposed by Bianca and Snips, respectively.[1]

The bazaar was held on a Friday.[1]

Teams and booths

*Lucky wanted to pair with Pru and Abigail, but they were already partners with each other. Given the choice to partner with Snips or Maricela, she chose Maricela.

Miss Flores paired Snips with Turo, but Snips averred that he was "secret partners" with his donkey, Señor Carrots, and that their stall would have them performing "feats of strength".

Bianca twice tried to partner with Snips.

††When partners were first teaming up, a second unnamed female student, not previously in the classroom, materialized out of nowhere to partner with the preexisting unnamed female student. Later, the first unnamed female student is seen working by herself.


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