Althea Bradley is the owner and proprietor of the Tanglefoot Inn in Miradero and the president of the Daughters of Miradero Aid Society.[1][2] Althea is friendly, warm, and direct.

Althea is Aunt Cora's best friend in Miradero. Althea served as the chef for the communal soup made to celebrate the harvest in Miradero, but permitted Cora the honor of being called chef for the evening.[1] She later inducted Cora into the Aid Society[2] and welcomed Cora to stay at the Inn when Cora decided to leave the Prescott household.[3]

Notes & trivia

  • Althea's surname, Bradley, is not referenced on the show, but is given in a book.[4]

Behind the scenes

Althea is the voiced by Anna Vocino.


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