Al Granger is a horse wrangler and horse purveyor in Miradero and father of Pru. He is Jim Prescott's best friend in Miradero. Mr. Granger owns the barn wherein are stabled Chica Linda and Boomerang, and occasionally Spirit and Señor Carrots, as well as the nearby ramada, which he and his hired hands use for breaking and showing horses for sale.[1]

Mr. Granger is a stickler for keeping his barn orderly and in repair,[2][3] and is demanding of Pru, assigning her responsibility at the edges of her capacity,[4] and sometimes placing blame on her even when it is not deserved.[2]


Mr. Granger is married to the town veterinarian[5][6]. His family lives in a ranch house build with logs from Carver's Woods.[7] He is a talented fiddle player.[8] His rival horse wrangler is Harlan Grayson.[9]


  • "I told you a million times, you are responsible for this girl! And because you weren't watching out for her (Lucky), my fence is now a gate!" (Blaming Pru for the broken fence.)
  • "My beautiful barn!" [on seeing the hayloft collapse in "Lucky and the Golden Opportunity"]
  • "What the Sam Hill is going on?" [in exclusive clip, "Rainy Day Song"]
  • "What are you sorry about, my own daughter! A stampede! You are one of the finest riders I've known. I'm proud of you Pru." (After Pru and Abigail prevent a stampede of horses from running away.)

Behind the scenes

Mr. Granger is voiced by Jonathan Craig Williams.


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