Abigail Stone is one of the main characters of Spirit Riding Free.

She's funny, but a bit naive when it comes to figuring things out. She has a horse named Boomerang and is best friends with Lucky Prescott and Pru Granger.


Abigail is a very pretty young girl. She has short blond hair in a bob cut. She typically wears a white blouse shirt with leaf patterns on it's short sleeves, blue plaid pants, and brown boots that have her barefoot underneath. Her eyes are blue.


Abigail enjoys crafting, horseback riding, talking, and giving animals cute names. She is not well traveled, having never been south of the Arrowroot Mountains. She has a younger brother, Snips. Her parents have been mentioned, but have not appeared in the show. She is always kind to her friends and despite being ditsy, she is actually clever. While not as brave as Pru and Lucky, she still has a brave side and always wants to do the thing she feel is the right.

Behind the scenes

Abigail is voiced by Bailey Gambertoglio.



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