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"Lucky and the Unbreakable Spirit" is the first episode of Spirit Riding Free.


A city girl named Fortuna Prescott aka "Lucky" moves to the town of Miradero on the American Frontier and on the train she meets a horse named Spirit Jr, who is the offspring of Spirit (Stallion of the Cimarron) and Rain after she sees him he is captured and taken to a barn belonging to Al Granger. On her way to school Lucky finds Spirit fenced inside a yard and whishes him a better day than she thinks she'll have, Soon enough Al comes out with a saddle and says, "Where do you think you're goin' horse". At school she is looked at with shock by everyone except for Miss Flores, she understands it'll take Lucky time to adjust to life on the frontier at lunch she meets Prudence "Pru" Granger and Abigail Stone along with their horses Chica Linda and Boomerang, but Maricela comes out she make her look like a stuck up girl, of which makes her mad. At dinner Lucky helps her Aunt Cora who is having trouble with some things, she asks if she can convince her dad if they can go back to the city. Cora explains she's already tried to convince him but he's off to dynamite Filbert Canyon of which was the location of Pru and Abigail she finds Spirit and attempts to ride him and manages to make it to the canyon and helps Pru and Abigail escape. After they are found by Jim and Al, Al becomes mad at his daughter, Pru and Lucky makes up a lie to keep them out of trouble after that Al and Jim are surprised Lucky rode Spirit and Al lets Lucky keep him.


Notes & trivia

  • Despite being a wild horse, Lucky was able to "tame" Spirit the first time she interacted with him.
  • The "Unbreakable Spirit" of the title could refer literally to the horse Spirit, who proved to be unbreakable (untrainable), or more figuratively to Lucky's dauntless stoutheartedness.