"Lucky and the Train Tycoon" is the twenty-second episode of Spirit Riding Free and the second episode of the fourth season.

Plot synopsis

Lucky's uptight railroad-baron grandfather arrives by train from the city to stay with the Prescotts in Miradero for Lucky's 13th birthday. At first, her grandfather thinks Lucky too young and incapable for the freedoms her father gives her on the frontier. But when Lucky and Spirit use quick thinking and teamwork to rescue Lucky's grandfather from sinking in salt flats, he realizes that Lucky has adapted well to frontier life—so much so that she may never again be suited to city life, college, and suitable marriage. Worried for her future, Lucky's grandfather orders she move back to the city, but Lucky's father takes a stand—Lucky will remain in Miradero. Lucky's grandfather leaves, but not before reproaching Aunt Cora. Feeling she has failed her duty to educate Lucky in refined comportment, Aunt Cora announces her intention to move out of the Prescott household.

Notes & trivia

  • Julian is mentioned in this episode.
  • Continuity: The window through which Boomerang eats Lucky's birthday cake is shut and secure in shots right before and right after the horse has his head through the open (or missing) window.


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