"Lucky and the Price of Freedom" is the thirteenth episode of Spirit Riding Free.


The Tarrell Circuit horse race comes to Miradero, but Mr. Granger, who has been placed in charge of designing the course, won't let the PALs sign up because the race forbids girls. Lucky disguises herself as a man to enter and prove that women are good at riding horses.

When the race begins, Jim, Cora, and Miss Flores recognize Lucky as the "mustachioed stranger". Lucky starts the race behind, and Grayson, riding Xerxes, is much ahead. They go through the forest, take Taylor's Trail, and Lucky and Grayson end neck-and-neck by the finish. Lucky and Spirit cross the finish line before Grayson and his horse Xerxes. However, she is disqualified, and the trophy is given to Grayson. Lucky says that she only joined to show that girls were as fast as guys.

During a celebration picnic, Grayson offers to buy Spirit, then takes him from Lucky when she rebuffs his offer and insists that Spirit is a wild horse. Jim tries to buy Spirit back for $1,000, then offers $2,000, but Grayson refuses to sell to the Prescotts. Al suggests that they leave, but Lucky refuses to leave Spirit. After warning Grayson that it wasn't over, Jim carries his daughter away from Spirit and they go home.

Grayson later sends Spirit away by train to the auction house. Lucky chases after Spirit, but the train gets away, leaving Lucky wondering if she will ever see Spirit again.

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