"Lucky and the No-Good Outlaw Butch LePray" is the twenty-eighth episode of Spirit Riding Free and the second episode of the fifth season.

Plot synopsis

While traveling with El Circo Dos Grillos, Lucky, the other PALs, and the circus come across two gentlemen. They bring up that a bandit known as Butch LePray robbed their cart. The troupe finds a woman, Jane, a meek bespectacled victim of Butch LePray. Fito tells the girls of the legendary outlaw, whose face no one has even seen and lived to tell about it, and whom some say "is not even a man, just a shadow". Jane says that she didn't get a good look at the outlaw, but she saw he had empty eyes. Jane travels with the circus to their next performance in the town of Dos Caras.

That night, Lucky has a nightmare that Butch jumps on her. Lucky and her friends devise a warning signal—cans tied together—to alert them if Butch should happen to lurk while the circus is camped, but the only fiends they catch are Fito and Jane.

One night, Pru and Boomerang wander onto the stage, and Pru, who can't stand circuses, defeats stage fright. She gets multiple autograph requests, and paints Boomerang as a clown.

On the next day, Lucky tells Jane that she is from Miradero, and she and her father are famous for the JP & Sons Railroad. "Lucky Prescott, at your service", she says.

During a performance of the circus, Lucky spots bandits making off with the circus's till, and follows them. Jane accompanies her, but they get ambushed by the men. Lucky recognizes them as the men who had mentioned their cart was stolen. But when she confronts them, Jane betrays her and reveals that she is Butch LePray, and the the whole thing was a set up, and she will kidnap Lucky for ransom. They tie up Spirit and Butch orders Lucky to be put in a wagon. One of the men picks up Lucky, puts her over his shoulder and carries her to the wagon and lifts her in. The bandits escape with Lucky and the loot.

Meanwhile at the circus, Fito calls Lucky on stage, but she doesn't come. Pru and Abigail discover Spirit, and free him from his bindings.

Meanwhile, Lucky uses circus skills to escape from her bindings, then unhitches Butch's escape buggy, which careens into a ravine. Butch's henchmen are arrested, but Fito says the the sheriff will go into the ravine tomorrow morning, to look for Butch LePray, but they would be long gone by then. Butch survives the crash and vows revenge on Lucky.


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