"Lucky and the New Governor" is the fifteenth episode of Spirit Riding Free, and the second episode of the third season.

Plot synopsis

After being free from being grounded, Lucky learns the governor is coming to Miradero, and that her family are to be guests of honor at a Governor's Ball. Aunt Cora trains Lucky and her friends in comportment and formal etiquette. Meanwhile, a pregnant mare in Spirit's herd is having difficulty in labor, but Lucky and her friends are prevented from helping it by a new rival of Spirit, Smoke. Spirit, Chica Linda and Boomerang protect the girls, letting them save the newborn foal's life.

Notes & trivia

  • The "New Governor" of the title could refer either to the visiting new governor of the state in which Miradero is located, or to the newborn foal that Abigail names "Governor".
  • The visiting governor isn't seen in this episode, but mentioned.


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