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"Lucky and the Impatient Patient" is the twenty-first episode of Spirit Riding Free and the first episode of the fourth season.

Plot synopsis

Spirit is cooped up in Mr. Granger's barn as he heals from wounds sustained in a mountain lion attack, but Mr. Granger doesn't want Lucky cooped up with him for a week, and orders her out. She wins herself a job serving ice cream in Mr. Winthrop's general store while Winthrop is out with a bad back. Meanwhile, Maricela is troubled by her strained relationship with her family's cook, Turo cannot complete a class assignment owing to his fear of spiders, and Snips feels abandoned because of the indifference shown him by his donkey, Señor Carrots. Lucky quickly finds herself overwhelmed serving ice cream and doling out mixed-up advice to Maricela and Turo. By the end of the week, Spirit has healed, and Lucky spends her wages on carrots to help reunite the bond between Snips and his donkey.

Notes & trivia

  • Lucky is still twelve years old during the events of this episode, but only barely. She turns thirteen in the next episode.