"Lucky and the Girl Who Cried Wolf" is the forty-ninth episode of Spirit Riding Free, and the third episode of the eighth season.

Plot synopsis

The P.A.L's find a wolf cub and have to look after it while at the same time babysitting Polly, while Jim and Kate take a short break.


The episode begins when Lucky, Jim, and Kate bring baby Polly home. A few days later, Kate and Jim are so tired from taking care of Polly that Lucky thinks it's time her father and stepmother took the day off while she babysits. Jim says he will think about it, while Lucky goes off on a ride with her friends.

While Lucky, Pru, and Abigail hang out together, an earthquake suddenly shakes. The PALs find an enormous sinkhole in the middle of the forest. On a small ledge, their is a lost wolf pup. After the PALs save him from the hole, they consider what they should do about him. The assume that he got lost from his pack, but Abigail is concerned about his safety, in case anyone poached him.

The PALs agree to take care of him. But once they are heading back over to the house, they come across Snips. Lucky tries to hide the pup, but Snips spots his tail. He complains about losing all his other animals, and wants to name the pup Snips Jr. However, the PALs refuse to give up the pup.

When they arrive home, Pru and Abigail promise to Kate they would take care of Polly, with Lucky. Once Kate and Jim are gone, the PALs think watching the pup and the baby girl is easy, until the house is nearly turned upside down.

Snips manages to get his hands on the pup, but loses his expired piece of birthday beef jerky to the wolf. Señor Carrots accidentally bites Snips on the butt, and the wolf bites Snips on the hand.

Once the PALs clean up the house, Snips arrives back with the pup, saying he wants Abigail to have him. This gave Abigail one of her highest moments, and she said to Snips she would have him hand over his desserts to her for a month, return her stolen hairbrush, and stop calling her "Queen Abigail". Snips obeys.

Once the wolf gets dropped into the house, Lucky spots her parents coming up the hill. The wolf pup knocks over a pot before jumping out the window. Jim and Kate enter the house before Lucky could even sweep up the small mess, but Jim isn't too concerned, and thanks Lucky for taking care of Polly.

That evening, the PALs watch Snips Jr. reunite with his pack.

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