"Lucky and the Ghostly Gotcha!" is the thirty-second episode of Spirit Riding Free and the sixth episode of the fifth season.

Plot synopsis

Dismayed at being too old to trick-or-treat on Halloween, the PALs concoct an elaborate scheme to prank Abigail's little brother Snips with some ghostly home-brewed special effects in the nearby ghost town of Miner's Grove. But just when the plot is concluded, the PALs get a scare of their own.

Notes & trivia

  • The PALs' discussion of trick-or-treating, along with the availability of sugar candy, is anachronistic for the frontier period. The modern trick-or-treating tradition did not evolve in America until the 1920s and 1930s, long after the disappearance of the frontier. Candy containing refined sugar would not have been widely available in frontier towns.


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