"Lucky and the Endless Possibilities" is the fiftieth episode of Spirit Riding Free, and the fourth episode of the eighth season.

Plot synopsis

When Aunt Cora holds a career day at school, Lucky struggles to choose what she'll be when she grows up.


When Aunt Cora takes over the school day as a substitute teacher, the room gets into chaos. Aunt Cora wonders how she can find anything interesting for the class, and then says that she wants everyone to go shadow an adult. 'Career Day' she called it.

Pru and Abigail consider being employed by Mr. Withdrop, but Lucky doesn't know what she'll be. She is concerned if she takes one job and ends up missing out on a bunch of other ones. She considers being a astronomer, writer, scuba-diver, explorer, even JP & Sons Railroads. Snips gets hired as junior deputy.

Lucky walks up to the Sheriff for help on her project, and notices that Snips is waiting to arrest people. But the Sheriff says that Miradero is too safe for any crime. He then heads up to the forest to put up barbed wire fences.

Mr. Withdrop has trouble with his employees Pru and Abigail. He is not pleased that they are giving out twice the amount of sugar to kids, and begs them to stop. Bianca and Mary Pat go on a sugar rush, and when they find out Pru and Abigail run out of candy, they get out of control.

Snips then arrives, and lassos the twins. Pru and Abigail thank Snips, but he is still on his highest moment, and arrests his sister and Pru for not saving him any candy. He also arrests a bunch of other citizens, and Tambourine. The Sheriff comes, fires Snips, takes away his badge, and opens the fence to let everyone out.

Lucky is still trying to figure out what she'll be when she grows up. Spirit gets caught in the barbed wire fence. The Sheriff alerts Mrs. Granger, the vet to come over and help Spirit. When Fannie arrives, she helps Spirit get out of the tangled-up fence, and lets Lucky help her take care of the other animals. In the end, Lucky truly shadows Fannie Granger.

That night, Jim, Kate, and Cora congratulate Lucky for her hard work. Kate then reveals that she is going to retire from being the school teacher, say that she is now a mother. Lucky is surprised by this, and asks who's going to take her place. Kate answers by saying that there is someone who can only teach up to 8th grade, which Lucky is in. She and Jim then show their daughter a brochure for Tides Run. Lucky then realizes she is going to boarding school!

Notes and trivia

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