"Lucky and the Dressage Sabotage" is the forty-eighth episode of Spirit Riding Free and the second episode of the eighth season. The official air date is April 5, 2019.

Plot synopsis

When Pru takes a bad fall in a competition, Lucky suspects sabotage, and sets out to help her friend find the culprit.


The episode begins when Pru invites Lucky and Abigail to the Farmbrook Arena. There, many folks know who Pru is, and she tells her friends she's a rodeo star. However, she is doing dressage this year.

The PALs come across Pru's rival, Rose Pendleton. The Pendleton family runs the Ramada in Buffalo Hills. At the same time, the PALs come across Rose's friends Eliza and the twins Jo and Caroline. Rude remarks are given to Pru and her horse, Chica Linda, who was ridden to the arena as part of her warm-up. But Rose is still surprised Pru is taking dressage. Her friend--Eliza--shakes jumping jacks as a good luck ritual.

One by one, the girls do their performances in the arena. Pru does okay the first time, but the second time Chica Linda is in pain.

Lucky finds that there was a mark on Chica Linda, and suspects that someone purposely wanted Pru to lose. She suspects Rose to be the culprit, but gets locked in her stable.

That very evening, Pru braids Chica Linda's mane, and gets to wear a present given by Lucky, which was given by James Prescott Sr. But just in line to preform, Pru spots that Rose's horse, Duke was in pain. She and China Linda interfere to help Rose.

Lucky manages to get out of the locked stable, and arrives on time to see Pru and Chica Linda save Rose's life. They find the same mark on Duke and his sale that was for Pru and Chica Linda. Lucky finds jacks on the ground (spiky metal pieces) and remembered seeing Rose's friend Eliza using them.

Eliza admits she is the one who sabotaged both Pru and Rose's acts, just so she could win. She gets disqualified, and the judges think of disqualifying Pru for interference in Rose's performance, but they give her and Rose another shot. Pru manages to get the 4th place trophy. Rose also becomes their friend and joins them for ice cream.

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