"Lucky and the Cowboy Next Door" is the seventh episode of Spirit Riding Free.

Plot synopsis

Eager to follow in her mother's footsteps, Lucky gets lessons in trick riding from dashing young performer Javier. Meanwhile, Maricela vies for Javier's affections; Pru gets a singing lesson from Aunt Cora; Abigail tries to win a jellybean-counting competition held by Mr. Winthrop; and Lucky's dad romances the town schoolteacher at the annual fiesta.

Notes & trivia

  • In the previous episode, Miss Flores was shopping for a dress for the town dance, presumably the one associated with the fiesta, but she comes to the dance without a new dress and does no dancing, preferring instead to take a walk with Jim Prescott.
    • Based on Miss Flores's remark, this episode likely takes place the week after the previous episode.


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