"Lucky and the Competition Conundum" is the fourth episode of Spirit Riding Free.

Official synopsis

Desperate to be Student of the Month, Lucky teams with Maricela to create a booth for a school fundraiser, pitting herself against Pru and Abigail. Meanwhile, Boomerang yearns to break free and run with Spirit's herd.


Miss Flores assigns her students in pairs, to create a booth for a school fundraiser. Pru and Abigail pair with each other, and Lucky pairs up with Maricela.

Lucky has been disappointing Miss Flores recently by running late to her classes. She is determined to become the Student of the Month.

Maricela suggests they'd run a café and Lucky agrees. However, Lucky starts getting competitive with Pru. In the evening, Maricela tries to steal Pru and Abigail's supply of candles, but Lucky stops her. She tries to fix them, by falls asleep, and wakes up to find Miss Flores infuriated.

Lucky tries telling Miss Flores that she didn't burn the candles, but she doesn't believe Lucky. Lucky is then suspended for the day, and overhears Miss Flores telling Pru and Abigail that Lucky had sabotaged them.

Pru and Abigail walk up to Lucky and tell her that they don't believe she ruined their candles. Snips ends up being the Student of the Month, but Lucky is happy she still is friends with Pru and Abigail.

Notes & trivia

  • This episode fleshes out the relationship between Lucky and her teacher, Miss Flores.
  • Among the item's on Lucky's bookshelf in her bedroom is the pink quartz that was Lucky's share of Respero's treasure.
  • Continuity bloopers: The classroom has desks for only eleven students, but three extra students magically appear for the bazaar team-up process. First, a darker-brown-haired girl wearing a blue vest over a green shirt materializes out of nowhere to approach the lighter-brown-haired girl wearing a brown vest over a white shirt and say to her, "Hey, we should team up." (The darker-brown-haired girl is not seen again the rest of the episode, but in later episodes becomes a regular in the classroom, replacing the lighter-brown-haired girl.) The legs of an unknown boy and girl appear two shots later, run out of frame, and are never seen again.
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